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What is the difference between Recreational Dance and Competitive Dance?

Recreational classes - These types of classes typically will only perform their performance in our annual dance recital.  Occasionally, based on the strength of the class and with teacher recommendation, some recreational classes have been asked to participate in community events such as "Festival of Trees" and the "Dupont Hospital Movie and Music Night."  Some recreational groups have decided to attend local competitons (30 minutes outside Fort Wayne) in the past few years to give them the feeling of the competitive environment but without all the cost.


Competitive classes - We offer competitive classes in Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz, Modern, and Poms.  Any competitive student at Center Stage must be enrolled in a ballet/lyrical class for fundamental learning.  Our competitive students participate typically in at least two Regional competitions, located outside of Fort Wayne.  In the past, we have taken students to Dayton, OH, Indianapolis, IN, and Chicago, IL.  Our competitive students have also performed at some of the small local competitions, "Fort Wayne Mad Ants" games, "Fort Wayne Freedom" games, "Festival of Trees" and the "Dupont Hospital Movie and Music Night."  Competitive students are responsible for all competition fees and must adhere to the policies and procedures of the studio for competitive students.

"Dance With Me" Classes

An introduction to dance for our very youngest dancers. Children who are walking - 3 year olds are invited to attend our 6 weeks sessions of “Dance With Me”. These classes are structured to stimulate coordination skills, listening skills, balance, music interpretation, creative movement and motor development in the youngest dancers. This program is an excellent introduction to the world of dance. A parent or guardian participation is required. No registration fee required for these classes only.

Combo Classes

Combo Classes - We currently offer a combo class consisting of tap and hip hop for any 4-6 year old child.  This combo class is our most popular class for this age group.  Each child will take a half hour of tap and then a half hour of hip hop back to back in a one hour setting.  Each child taking the combo class will perform two different dances in the annual recital.  We significantly discount our combo classes in comparison to taking two half hour classes.  See class pricing for details.

All Boys Classes

All Boys Classes - We offer Hip Hop and Tap just for boys ages 5 to 18.  Boys are welcome to participate in classes listed below (male and female dancers combined),however we have found that many male dancers learn more when put with a group of other males.  Our All Boys Hip Hop Group took 1st Place at Nationals in North Carolina in 2008. (Soldja Boy Remix)  Boys ages 2-4 may participate in any class for that particular age group.

Adult Classes

Adult Classes - We offer Tap and Hip Hop for all adults.  Call now for more details!   


Ballet/Lyrical - This style of dance is based on proven dance techniques that have been developed over many centuries. Ballet uses music and dance to tell stories and has the ability to transport an audience to another world.  Ballet is the fundamental backbone to all styles of dance, including hip hop.  Ballet technique is incorporated into a more upbeat performance allowing emotion and passion to be portrayed by the dancer. 

Hip Hop and Jazz

We offer Jazz and Hip Hop.  What is the difference between these styles?
Jazz style of dance is what is seen in many Broadway type shows such as “Rent", "Legally Blonde" or "Cats".  It is a more structured, stage style of dance incorporating turns and leaps.  Hip Hop is a fast, high energy type of dance seen in music videos and commercials.  Hip Hop uses dancers expression and incorporates it into their own unique style of dance.  Break Dancing, Popping, Locking, Krumping, and Lyrical Hip Hop are just a few styles touched on and placed in choreography at Center Stage.

Musical Theater

Annie - All Mixed Up 2009

Musical Theater - This style of dance is a form of theater combining music, songs, spoken dialogue and dance. The emotional content of the piece, as well as the story itself, is communicated through the words, music, movement and technical aspects of the entertainment as a whole. Some of the musical theater pieces that have been done at Center Stage include "High School Musical - Stick to the Status Quo", "Hairspray - Welcome to the 60's", and "Annie - All Mixed Up".


Tap - This style of dance can include a traditional structure of tap or a "funky, street style tap."  We offer tap for children 4-6 years old as part of our combo class.  We also offer an All Boys Tap class.


Poms - This style of dance incorporates jazz and ballet technique with hip hop flair and accents.  Dancers use poms in each hand during routines that highlight sharp arm and hand movements along with turns and leaps.


Modern - This style of dance centers on a dancer's own interpretations instead of structured steps, as in traditional ballet dancing.  Using Ballet and Jazz fundamentals, children learn to think outside the box with emotions and understand the importance of taking on roles in dance.

Pre-Pointe and Pointe

PrePointe and Pointe - This class is a form of ballet presented on the tips of the toes, made possible by specialized shoes. There are different varieties of ballet en pointe, but for the most part they focus on grace and specific technique. Dancers must have sufficient strength and technique before beginning pointe work, the development of which can take anywhere from six months to three years or more.


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