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We offer a wide range of dance styles for children age 2 through adult.  We offer both recreational classes and competitive classes in most styles of dance.  We currently offer lessons in Ballet, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Tap, Modern, Poms, Jazz, Musical Theater and Ballroom at affordable prices.   Do you have multiple children or a child wanting to take multiple classes?  No worries.....we offer one of the best multi-child/multi-class discount programs in Fort Wayne! 


Contact us to discover all we have to offer and the benefits of enrolling at Center Stage Academy of Dance. Our qualified office and dance staff is looking forward to serving you!

Look What People Are Saying About Center Stage

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you have done this year with dance.  The recital was awesome and I was in amazement at all the routines. The creativity and performances were breath taking. That says so much about the studio and what the two of you have done.  She has had so much fun this year and has improved so much! Rich, Hannah and myself are grateful and blessed that she has found a safe, enjoyable place to dance.  I know she will continue to love and be part of dance for a long time.  The hardest part of next year is narrowing her down on what to take.  So your stuck with her for awhile." - Karen Beitler (Hannah's mom)

"I wanted to first start by saying thank you for this past year of dance with Conner! He has truly loved it and we have loved being able to see him do something so well!  Dance has really been a good thing for Conner and working with the other boys. This time last year Conner would have never been able to do what he did with remembering that routine. He had been through alot last year and this seems to be just what he needed. The Roach family is truly thankful to you for that!" - Justin and Christi Roach (Conner's dad and mom)

"My kids have fun learning new dances from Center Stage teachers who care about them as individuals. As a parent, I appreciate that Center Stage offers discounts for multiple classes and fundraisers to help with competition and costume fees." - Ellen Hoover (Dani and Ethan's mom)

"They have awesome songs that are in style.Their dance routines are cool and up to date and the teachers are nice.  If you like to dance, then this is the place for you!" - Anonymous

"I just wanted to write to you guys to say a big THANK YOU for taking such good care of Dustin on Saturday night at the recital.  I noted the very genuine concern for Dustin from Mrs. Livingston, the police officer, Jason and another parent volunteer.  I feel like I can not enough express my thanks and gratitude!!!  Center Stage has an exceptional group of people that I hope realize just how important they are to their students and their families.  I've never been to a dance recital before this past weekend.  I was truly amazed by the talent that was displayed on the stage Friday and Saturday night.  I loved watching the little ones during their routines.  I was blown away at the routines by the staff--teachers and student teachers!!  I so enjoyed the musicality, the choreography and the skills!!  It made me want to get up and start dancing!  I can't wait until next year!!  David and I are proud, grateful and feel very blessed that Center Stage has become part of our family and for all that has been done for our children.  I ask that you share this with all the staff so they know how special and appreciated they are and what an impact they have made." - David & Tanya Swinehart (Dustin & Madysin's dad and mom)


"I just wanted to send you guys a note with a big fat THANK YOU for such a great dance year!!  The recital was ahhhhmazing and the girls had so much fun all year long!  You guys do a fantastic job and the entire staff is wonderful!!!  We love Center Stage!! 
P.S.  I need to get signed up for the adult hip hop class!  You looked like you were having way too much fun and I want in on it!" - Tori Amich (Grace and Jocelyn's mom)

"Thank you for the past weekend.  Claire and I had a great time!! As the saying goes, it's not always about the destination but about the journey...that's exactly how we feel. But of course we're pumped cuz of the outcome of the TEAM!!!! YAY!!!! The bus ride, getting to know our awesome roommates, pizza parties, swimming, etc. all made the studio seem a bit smaller and more family like for us at Nationals!  We just wanted to say thanks!!!" - Becky Barile (Claire Barile's mom)


"Center Stage is a very clean, organized and children friendly studio.  Very professionally ran and a kid friendly dance studio.  My children love to go to dance and learn so much while there.  They love the director, Angie Monnell, who relates so well to kids.  And I love her because of her knowledge of dance and the energy she puts into what she believes in! All of their team has the desire to have each child become better children first, and then better dancers." Anonymous Parent

"Not only do they teach me skills and technique, but it is fun at the same time!" - Dani Hoover


"I think Center Stage ROCKS! I like winning contests in class and going to competitions is the best part. My Hip Hop teachers are great teachers." - Ethan Hoover

"My children all go to Center Stage.  They have gone since they opened.  I heard about them opening from a friend and we started going there.  My children LOVE it!!!  They look forward to going and learning new things.  They love the competition they always choose to do.  My son was not wanting to do it when it 1st started.  "It's for girls" he told me.  He couldn't be any happier that he joined.  He loves it!!! Getting on the stage and dancing for everyone.  My girls love to do it.  It gets them out doing stuff that they love!! I have a daughter thats 1 1/2 years old.  Shes excited about going to!!! :) She gets to start next year.  I love Center Stage too.  They are like my family!! There are sooo very good with the kids!!" - Sarah Wilson (Tyler, Megan & Kaylin's mom)

"Just wanted to let you Angie know that we think that u all r soooo awesome...You guys truly love and take pride in what u do for these kids..Those pictures are great!!And if you all ever need anything, you guys can count on me..Brooklyn said 'this year is gonna be even better than last year!!!'lol..She luvs you guys!!!" - Erin Coffelt McDaniels (Brooklyn's mom)

"Thanks again for a great trip!  You guys did a wonderful job! ~You can always tell where a person's heart is by the things they do well!  We are happy to be part of the team!  We look forward to many more memories with you guys1  Thanks for all your hard work & dedication to our kids!  God bless you all!" - Teresa East (Jaida & Ashton's mom)

"Hi guys!!  Great job on this website! It looks
awesome! You are doing a great job with the studio, I'm so proud of what you have done with the studio and the kids that take there.  It still amazes me at how well you know all of
your students, even the ones you don't teach. You have so many
students, and it just shows that this is what your meant to do. I have
had so much fun dancing, from Masters to Adult hip hop and now Adult
tap. You rock. Oh, and Tiff does an okay job in the office too.
Just kidding!!!" - Ashley Eisberg

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